About Us

About Boyd Custom Homes Inc.

Founded by our President Boyd Henry in 2001, Boyd Custom Homes, Inc. is a  family-owned business based in Powder Springs, Georgia. We serve homeowners living in Cobb County, Fulton County and Paulding County, Georgia.

It's All About Our Clients
We are a highly client-focused company made up of dedicated professionals who are passionate about making homeowners’ remodeling or new home dreams become realities and, at the same time, making them glad that they partnered with Boyd Custom Homes. We want you to be as pleased with your partnering experience as you are with the beautiful results. This is why we consistently get high marks for satisfaction from our clients.

On Time, On Budget, and More

Consistently being on time and on budget is not enough to generate the kind of client satisfaction we are dedicated to creating. Over the years, we have developed ways of working with homeowners that provide them with peace of mind and many other advantages. 

Creative Thinking and Sharing
Among the many ideals woven into the fabric of our company, such as honesty and integrity, is the abiding commitment to creative thinking and problem solving. We foster the use of creative thinking in every area of our company to constantly improve the ways we can provide our clients with the best possible results and the best possible home building and remodeling experience.

Naturally, we are fully licensed and insured.

For more information about how we can help you with your project, please contact us today.